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what is L2S?

Letters to Strangers (L2S) is a global youth-run nonprofit seeking to destigmatize mental illness and increase access to affordable, quality treatment for youth aged 13 to 24. Through this platform , young people with no access to an emotional outlet can share their stories and feelings through a nameless letter ,which will be exchanged with that of a complete stranger and appropriately responded to. 

The Bombay chapter has been started by Aarushi Kataria , Nayomi Dave , and Vaishnavi Vishwanath and we aim at providing you with unbiased and empathetic listeners to help improve your mental health. 

why L2S + Bombay?

When most people over the age of 17 speak of Mumbai , they refer to it as Bombay. It rolls over people's tongues so benevolently , without even batting an eyelash. "Bombay" is not a name , it is an emotion. Bombay feels like home , it feels safe and familiar. Bombay is Chowpatty , Queen's Necklace , and Anandos Milk. Bombay is where your evenings are filled with the smell of the sea and the shows at Regal & Eros. Warm, comforting & nurturing - this is exactly what the Bombay chapter of Letters to Strangers aims to be. A completely safe space for you to unravel all your thoughts and emotions from the deepest layers of your mind and soul , without any doubt of being received with anything but love , empathy and a listening ear. You're going to be heard carefully and welcomed with unbiased , open arms. This is not just a mental health program , it is a family of sorts , where we're there for each other through thick and thin and open ourselves to anyone that calls out for help. 

Although we're proud Mumbaikars , "Bombay" is where our hearts are , a way of life , the constantly growing ambition to improve and fulfil our dreams.

This is what Bombay stands for , and so do we at Letters to Strangers + Bombay.

what is our motto?

We want mental health made personal, because each person deserves to be treated as the individual they are. No one's identity should be buried beneath statistics. Indeed: often there is nothing greater than a person-to-person human connection. 

what do we do?

We achieve our mission with a youth-run team in three main ways:


The Bombay chapter event attendees write anonymous, heartfelt letters that aim to share their vulnerabilities and offer support for those who are fighting through difficult times.


We partner with schools and other mental health organizations/professionals to provide letter exchanges and talks for youth all over the city. 


We share resources and conduct professional talks to generate awareness and an understanding of mental health

Use the contact form below to ask questions , request resources , or reach out to us & our cause.

Alternatively , email us at letterstostrangersbombay@gmail.com

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