No matter what are you going through or what are you facing, you should always keep smiling.

I know it's hard to smile when there's a ton of pain beneath you. But you know a smile can make all the pain go away.


You should be able to find happiness in each small thing and then you would know the real value of being happy.


Whenever you feel low or unwanted just talk to yourself or even the person who is close to you, either talk to your mom.


"But the thing is keep smiling, no one can harm you until you are smiling."






Don't show the world you are unhappy, instead show them how happy you are


And if you are unhappy, find the reason and work on it, don't make unnecessary people your priority. They always hurt


Life is full of problems but that doesn't mean you will be always sad or worried.


"Haters burn when they see you smiling, so keep burning them, don't show them that you are unhappy and apply burnol to them just keep smiling."




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