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Here at Letters to Strangers, we believe that writing is humanity distilled into ink. And we've seen personally how one letter--one human connection--can truly save a life. If we were all a bit kinder to each other; if we listened to strangers and trusted that they would listen to us, we'd be choosing to love and believe in the universality of humanity. For mental health to matter, we need to make that choice. Without empathy, society cannot progress. That's why we write letters.

what you should know while you sign up;

You can be rest assured that the recipient of your letter will have no idea as to who you are.

Your letter can contain (but not be limited to)

  • your current emotional state 

  • presenting problem - what has been bothering you of late?

  • a life changing incident or a story from your past

  • literally anything that you've been wanting to talk about , but don't want your name attached to.

The moment you sign up for our online letter exchange program, the following will happen (this includes important T&C)

  • You will become an L2S letter exchange member

  • You will be able to share your story anonymously with a stranger assigned to you on the basis of their responses to items in the sign up form

  • Your responses to the sign up will be used to determine whose letter you will receive , so please be as honest as possible.

  • At no point in the Letter Exchange will your personal details (including email address) or your responses to the form be revealed to your assigned stranger

  • You will be identified on the basis of the pseudonym you enter in your sign up form

  • Your letter will be sent to the recipient we pair you up with and you will receive their letter , via email .

  • Emails will be sent by but the matter in the email will be by your assigned stranger.

  • You should try your best to be empathetic and friendly , yet respectful in your responses to your stranger's letters.

  • You should try , as far as possible , to refrain from giving any major advice to your assigned stranger unless specifically asked.

  • You must read and understand the letter guidelines.

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