introducing our founding team

Aarushi Kataria

signing founder

Aarushi is a published poet and is ranked as one of the Top 50 poets in India. She believes that writing will be the only home she’ll ever know. She has lived in four cities and currently shuttles between sonipat, delhi and Mumbai— this has made her appreciate any safe space she can find. It is with this aim and that she began L2S + Bombay, to create a safe space that fosters your empathy. She firmly believes in Gibson’s words, ‘Poetry can change your heart’ and it’s poetry that changes her. If you don’t spot her reading or writing, she’ll either be indulging in economics research or binging on a crime show!

Vaishnavi Vishwanath


Vaishnavi is one of the calmest people you will meet. She is our team’s only international member, studying in Glasgow! If there’s a band you’ve been dying to watch, make her a proxy and be sure to get the concert videos. Apart from obsessing over cheese, she is a compulsive reader and tries to find the answer to unanswered questions, she is a Philosophy major after all.

Nayomi Dave

founding team member + Head of Public Relations

As someone who's always believed strongly in the importance of mental health and whose career goal has always been to benefit the community as a whole , Nayomi is a great asset to our team. As someone who has been a part of the competitive exam rat race , she understands that there's nothing more that people need than an emotional outlet , someone to talk to you without bias. This is exactly why she helped in founding this organisation. Other than being extremely passionate about helping people and reading journals on biology , she's a lover of stationery , books and writing . 

Tanya Hirani

Head of Finance and Marketing

Tanya is one of the warmest people you’ll encounter. She finds happiness in helping those around her, be it explaining the toughest concepts of science, teaching students with learning disabilities or just being there for her friends. She is extremely good at math, as she should be given she’s our Head of Finance! If you need someone to tell you the story line to every FRIENDS episode, cry over something touching or listen to emotional Hindi songs with you, Tanya is your person!

Aditi Chincholi

founding Head of Outreach

Aditi is one of the most hardworking , consistent , disciplined and smart people you can have the privilege of knowing. No matter how close the deadline or how short the notice , she'll get the work done. She is a lover of art , movies , books and good stationery !

Tanishca Dwivedi

Head of Logistics

Tanishca identifies herself as a pseudo-extrovert, who loves public speaking, but prefers books over people.  She always finds time to volunteer locally and internationally for causes close to her heart and believes that empathy is the most important thing in the world right now. After surviving 4 years of engineering, she realized that there is a lack of mental health awareness amongst youngsters and wants to make a change. Apart from this, she loves taking long runs with her dog at the beach and writing reviews on books for her blog.

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