Benefits of Tele-therapy & Why You Should Consider It

As the ongoing pandemic has rendered us as homebodies, we’ve had a lot of time to spend with ourselves. It’s difficult, when finding an escape from your thoughts is not possible. This is where therapy, or in this case, teletherapy comes into play. As the name suggests, teletherapy is therapy sessions taking place online through mediums like Zoom, Duo etc.

Like anything else, teletherapy has its pros and cons, but it is important to remember that this is the only (and the best) way to access therapy at the moment.

Some of the benefits of teletherapy include:

1) Allowing therapists to work with clients in real time:

It gives a good sense about the kind of environment the person is in. Therefore, it allows the therapist to give better insights that will work for the client.

2) Access therapy from the comfort of your home:

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to step into unknown territory with their anxiety. This is where teletherapy plays a major role at making people feel comfortable because they are in their natural element. It might even allow people to open up more. It will allow you to relax a little bit, since you’re in a space you know.

3) Communication issues can be worked on:

Some people find it difficult to open up regardless of if the session is happening face-to-face or online. Teletherapy can help address the issues around communication.

4) Flexibility with schedules:

Online therapy gives you the option of choosing a therapist who works best with your schedule. This allows you to access better specialists, especially with the physical location of the therapist not being a con.

5) More options with specific therapists:

Sometimes it’s really difficult to find therapists who specialise in a specific area of expertise. Online counselling allows you to look for exactly what you want. This gives you a good option to narrow from, all from the comfort of your home.

Online therapy can be just as daunting as face-to-face sessions, but it allows you to feel more comfortable and open since you’re in the comfort of your own space. As the times call for maintaining as much distance as possible from other people, switching to teletherapy might just work out for you!

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  • Article by Amulya Raghavan , content writer at L2S + Bombay


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