Talk to yourself , your first best friend

I often thought that people enter and leave the world alone, unless they are twins, then the former stands to be null. However, some of my personal stories have settled on terming “loneliness” as an evolutionary species.

Often, the people around us keeping saying, find that one person whom you can talk to about anything. But in reality, how many of us actually do? Because this kind of opulence is not something all of us can be rich enough for. And if we do, the price is not justified, even for a someone who is filthy rich. Thus, I started a search of my own, to look for the kind of person that would listen, understand, relate and most importantly not judge. And in this search I realised that there are many who are looking for the same answer.

Now the funny thing about this whole search party is, that you think you are completely alone, so much more calling it a “party”. When in reality, you are never close to it. You will find yourself asking questions to someone, sometimes aloud. And that someone will give you not half bad answers as well. At times, it takes a genius to figure it out, at times it doesn’t. Thus, baring your mental agility, the day you realise who this someone is, that day you will start a life-long relationship with yourself.

For souls who find solace in isolation and find it hellishly difficult to part with any sentiment that you hold close to your heart, I strongly suggest that you take a moment and start a chat with yourself. Even when you least expect it, there is another you within you, who is much wiser, more mature, more controlled and ultimately more understanding. Talk to yourself, when times are difficult or even easy. In situations where you made errors, ask yourself where did you err. When resilience seems to be a difficult option, prep yourself to fight back. In all, make sure you celebrate and grieve with yourself too, your first best friend.

Also understand, this you will be judged. But this is the judgement you should value the most, because at this moment you will be judged with apt knowledge about your past, present and future and all this will be done by the person that matters the most, yourself.

I can only tell you this with experience being by qualification, but in further organised research, this particular activity of speaking to one’s own self is termed as having “intra-personal” skills. Psychologists all around the globe, consider “self talking” as a healthy practice and do not classify it as some eccentric behavioural norm, something that we have been taught otherwise. Several researches point to the fact that individuals who engage in conversations with themselves emerge to be much more focused and confident.

In the end, my only aim with this piece was to try and make you realise that there is a beautiful experience awaiting you, only if you take a moment and try. So here I go,

Hi M, I am M.

  • By Misri Kothari , Content Writer at L2S Bombay


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